Specialty Coffee Hits Suburbia: Two new shops in Voorburg

The specialty coffee scene in The Netherlands is growing with a fast pace breaking out of her big city limits and bringing cups of black deliciousness to the surrounding parts of town, the so called suburbs. A place where the sun always seem to shine, cars are being washed in every street and couples ride their kids around in carrier cycles while wearing matching Gaastra wind jackets.  If suburbia was a religion then the city of  Voorburg would definitely be its Mecca. Two shops opened up in Voorburg in the same week bringing specialty coffee an even shorter bike ride away from their citizens homes.

Coffee Works

Coffee Works 1Located in the old center of Voorburg, Coffee Works  could be one of those “bringing new life” to the neighborhood kinda stories. The city center was getting a bit dull and more and more “for sale” signs were seen in the streets. But with its new hot spot the foot traffic has drastically  increased. When you…

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