Coffee Circus hits Mosta

Diary of a Food Fiend

IMG_0134Perfect wake up call!

A specialty coffee kiosk has popped up in the central parking lot in Mosta. The sustainably produced coffee beans are freshly ground and pumped into a paper cup. Ethiopian, Mexican and Colombian beans are also for sale filling the air with their heady fragrance.

Good Morning!


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Company Shops Market launches campaign to expand its coffee bar, deli services

Morgan Abate

By Morgan Abate 

A local market in downtown Burlington launched a crowdfunding campaign on Oct. 9, to raise money for a new coffee bar that would help meet local, specialty coffee needs for the community.  

“There aren’t any coffee shops nearby in Burlington,” said Marketing Manager Sarah Southern. “There’s no place for specialty coffee.” 

Company Shops Market has been serving coffee since it opened in 2011, but according to Southern, they have always been looking to expand their offerings. Before launching the campaign, Company Shops surveyed their customers about adding coffee options. The majority wanted Company Shops to expand. 

Graphic by Morgan Abate Graphic by Morgan Abate

“This is definitely for the benefit of the customers,” she said. “Not only are we providing an ample response, we’re trying to meet that need.”

The local food market plans to work with Beans Boro, a coffee shop and roaster in Greensboro, should they succeed in raising…

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My sister waited 3-days to get this coffee while she was in Indonesia… then she brought some to Santa Cruz.


It’s a little coffee company called Koffie Fabriek Aroma Bandoeng, otherwise known as Koffie Aroma. Apparently, it’s some of the best in the town she was staying by. I was going to save it for something.. not really sure what for as I don’t know what kind of *special occasion* calls for *special coffee.* Thus, this fruitful Sunday evening, I decided to open the bag and give it a go.

Here are some bullets I gathered about Koffie Aroma:

  • There’s always a wait-list. (eep..)
  • It takes 8 years to complete the process from harvesting to being consumption-ready.
  • Robusta beans are stored for up to five years, while Arabica are stored for 8 years to bring out the best flavor.
  • Kopi Aroma is a coffee company in Indonesia that was founded in 1936 by Houw Sian (1st gen) on Jalan Banceuy, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
  • The coffees are roasted using the same wood-fueled German…

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New Offering: Kenya


It’s no secret that coffee is grown all around the world. Look at any specialty roaster’s offerings, and the diversity of origins available should illustrate this fact. Lesser known is the often circuitous journey coffee took in traveling all around the world. While the Arabica species and many of its main varieties are believed to have originated in Ethiopia and grown for thousands of years, commercial coffee production was only introduced to most African countries in the late 19th or early 20th century. Such is the case with Joe Bean’s newest offering from the Chania Estate in the Thika region of Kenya.
In the late 1800s, coffee was being reintroduced to the African mainland by Dutch, French, and English colonists. In Kenya, coffee was introduced by French missionaries who had been cultivating a particularly productive variety on an island known then as Bourbon (now Réunion, 1848). This variety became…

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1: It’s All About The Coffee

Arch Coffee

Welcome to our blog, where we hope to take you along on our coffee journey!
The only possible way to open our first blog is to say a huge thank you to everyone who has pitched in over the past few weeks. The quest to get those doors open required the calling in of a few favours, and many more are now owed. To each and everyone of you – a heartfelt thank you.
We finally got to swap our toolboxes for knock boxes around 3pm on Thursday 7th November, the dreariest of November afternoons, and so began our coffee adventure. We’ve been open for two weeks now with a simple ethos – it’s all about the coffee – and we’re delighted to say we’re making great coffee, and having lots of fun.
So how did we get here? It’s quite simple really, no masterful business plan, and certainly not…

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Coffee-Bean Prices Have Hit Their Highest Level in More Than Two Years


Arabica-coffee prices reached their highest level in 2½ years on Monday, after projections for more dry weather in Brazil sowed worries about lackluster future harvests, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Arabica coffee ordered for delivery in December ended on Monday at $2.2080 a pound on the ICE Futures U.S. exchange — the highest price since February 2012, WSJ says. A commodities strategist betting on the futures market also told WSJ he expects coffee-trading prices to rise from here, to $2 to $3 a pound next year.

For cup-of-joe consumers, though, the effects will not be immediate. WSJ reports that Starbucks has already fixed prices with suppliers to meet its needs in 2015, though prices for 2016 are still in the works.

The recent coffee harvest in Brazil was the smallest in three years and follows Brazil’s worst drought in decades. Brazil is the world’s biggest exporter of coffee beans, though…

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