A Short History about Coffee

Yes, I know that you love to love your dark and rich Java every single day, but do you have any idea how it came to be in your cup?

The country of origin where coffee was supposed to have been birthed is Ethiopia, and the story behind it is that there was a goat herder who noticed that his goats were pretty hyper after eating wild Ethiopian berries. What’s that about? He then decided to brew those berries into a drink, and coffee was born! It is a lot more complex than that though, because it took until the 1600s for coffee to be imported into Venice and affect all of Europe, and we in the US didn’t see the delicious bean until 1607 when John Smith brought it over into Jamestown.

There is much more to learn about the decadent history of coffee, but that is a little bit of fun history for you to use as anecdotes to impress your friends.


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